Do you remember the Adjust Length System(ALS) that last time we talk about it?

This time we talk another feature of our crank.

—Way point axle—

This axle is 7075 aluminum CNC 30mm spindle.

Suitable for those who want the strongest.

The crank arms bolt onto either end, so you can easily swap them onto any bike as long as you have the spare axle to fit your other ride.

The spindle also allows unto 2.5mm of installation adjustment, meaning it doesn’t require any wave washer or other mechanism to accommodate frame intolerances…just tighten them down until they’re providing the right amount of preload or lose any slop and you’re good to go. (Just don’t over tighten them!)

Four choices for those O.L.D frame.
1.MTB Standard-142mm (Golden)
2.MTB Boost-148mm (Blue)
3.MTB Super Boost-157mm (Deep Blue)
4.ROAD-135mm (Green)

The two feature of our crank,do you like it?