KMC Chain 11-speed DLC11

KMC Road DLC Chain

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KMC chain 11-speed DLC11 SL 118 links | black | red | blue | green | yellow | pink | orange
The super lightweight DLC 11-speed chain from KMC without directionality and a Diamond Like Coating surface coating for 11-speed shifting systems.

In an elaborate process, the chain links of the X-SL chains are milled out and riveted with hollow bolts. Thus, an enormous weight saving is achieved without restricting the stability and service life.

DLC (Diamond Like Coating)

Ultra-hard diamond-like carbon coating minimizes frictional wear and increases tool life for a long life. It also ensures a dangerous look!

Note: For KMC chains, which are driven with other closures, no manufacturer’s warranty.


【Ultra-Smooth Control Beyond Imagination|Harmonize Your Drivetrain】

【Smooth Surface = Smooth Control|Diamond-Hard Surface】

【Premium Lightweight Technology|Patented Configuration】

【Visual Impact|DLC Technology – Unique Outlook with Supreme Functionality】

【Exceptional Performance|Transfer Pedaling Energy with the Highest Efficiency】

【The strongest and most efficient chain on the market is perfectly designed for an outstanding riding experience.】

intended use : Road & Off Road Hi-Performance
Material: steel
Dimension: 1/2 “x11 / 128”
Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 11-speed
Number of members: 118
Surface treatment: carbon coating
Special feature: X-Bidge – highest switching performance, not directional bound, extremely hard surface coating
Tabs: milled inside and outside tabs

Weight: 231g/ 110links (manufacturer information)
Rivets: hollow pins

  • 2230-654 black
  • 2230-655 red
  • 2230-656 blue
  • 2230-657 green
  • 2230-658 yellow
  • 2230-659 pink
  • 2230-660 orange

2230-654 (BLACK), 2230-655 (RED), 2230-656 (BLUE), 2230-657 (GREEN), 2230-658 (YELLOW), 2230-659 (PINK), 2230-660 (ORANGE)