KMC Chain 12-speed X12

KMC Road & Off Road X12 Chain

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KMC chain 12-speed X12 TI-N 126 links | gold

The KMC 12-speed chain is suitable for all rear derailleurs and cassettes and convinces with a perfect shift performance. The proven Double X Inner Bridge Shape design has been retained, as has the Double X Durability technique (a process that specifically hardens all parts of the chain). The golden coating is not only suitable for the SRAM Group, but also due to the titanium nitrite coating more durable than nickel-plated / silver chains.

【One Chain for All|100% Compatibility On All Leading Derailleur Systems 】

【Asymmetrical Chamfering Avoids Interference】

【Added Chamfering for Smooth Operation】

【Impeccable Precision|Phenomenal Shifting Performance】

Intended use : Road & Off Road Hi-Performance
Material: steel | Titanium nitride gold coated
Dimension: 1/2 “x11 / 128”
Compatibility: SRAM 12-speed + additional driving with 12-speed
Number of links: 126
Surface finishing: titanium nitride gold coated
Special feature: X-Bidge – highest switching performance, not directional bound
Tabs: beveled outer straps

Weight: 272g/ 126links
Rivets: standard

  • 2230-640 gold/ black
  • 2230-697 gold
  • 2230-641 silver

2230-640 (GOLD/ BLACK), 2230-697 (GOLD), 2230-641 (SILVER)