MTB 1×11 / 12 speed /Ovality Spider-ring
Chain Ring

  • MTB 1×11 / 12 speed
  • Narrow-Wide DIRECT MOUNT
  • Ovality Spider-ring (6mm offset)

1x11/12 Oval SDM Ring

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Model No.: CH-34OV-3S-70-8-05 / CH-32OV-3S-70-8-05 / CH-30OV-3S-70-8-05 / CH-28OV-3S-70-8-05

MTB Oval 1×11/ 1×12 Speed
Oval Narrow-Wide DM for 11 Speed ( 1X11/ 1×12 SRAM)

AEROZINE 1×11/ 12 oval chain ring drive train solution has been embraced by riders worldwide looking for a simple, lighter and cleaner bike set-up.
Narrow-wide tooth profile eliminates chain drop with the perfect chain mesh fit.

– Hyper accurate Fully CNC-machined

-Material: Aluminum 7075 T6.

-Ergonomic panel designed according to the ergonomic stepping force ovality trajectory.

-Compatibility: SHIMANO SRAM 11s and 12s single chainring setups.
– SRAM Direct Mount construction


Size: 28T/ 30T/ 32T/ 34T  8mm

Color: Blast Black/ Grey/ Blue/ Red/ Gold/ Green/ Purple

CH-34OV-3S-70-8-05: weight 80g

CH-32OV-3S-70-8-05: weight 58g

CH-30OV-3S-70-8-05: weight 66g

CH-28OV-3S-70-8-05: weight 51g

tooth count

28T, 30T, 32T, 34T


Blast Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Gold, Green, Purple