X-18 Cold Mode ARM – 3 bolts

  • For Road Bike
  • CNC 3D machining technology
  • The crank length ranges from
    120-125mm | 130-135mm | 140-145mm | 150-155mm | 155-160mm | 160-165mm | 165-170mm | 170-175mm
  • Weighing just 356 grams, this is an extremely lightweight crankset.

2023-2024 Specifications



For Road bikes

The X-18 Cold Mode series crankset from AEROZINE is crafted using high-quality aluminum alloy and precision CNC 3D machining technology.
Starting with a solid aluminum plate, the cranks are machined into their desired shape, including the 30mm diameter spindle and chainring bolt holes, to provide a lightweight design and excellent rigidity. Weighing just 356 grams, this is an extremely lightweight crankset.
Designed specifically for road cycling, the X18 crankset offers faster acceleration and higher riding efficiency.
The unique 6mm thick chainring, made of 7075 aluminum alloy, is created using high-precision CNC machining technology, which provides high strength and rigidity, and efficient tooth shapes, improving chainring durability and stability.
Overall, the X18 crankset is an exceptional product that offers outstanding power output and design, making your road cycling smoother, faster, and more comfortable. You can even choose from different colors to match your bike’s appearance. The sleek and elegant design makes your bike stand out from the crowd.





Series X-18 Cold Mode series
Model No. X-18 Cold Mode ARM
Color Red / Gold / Green / cobalt Green / Blue / cobalt Blue / Purple / Black / silver
Crank Arm Material Aluminum
Bottom Bracket compatible BSA(30) | BB92/90 | BB30 |  PF30
Available Arm Lengths
120-125mm | 130-135mm | 140-145mm |150-155mm |
155-160mm | 160-165mm | 165-170mm | 170-175mm |
Adjustable Length System (ALS reversible insert) = 5mm/ 3mm/ 1mm / 2.5mm
Direct Mount Crank Interface Compatible with SRAM 3-Bolt / 8-Bolt Direct Mount Crank Interface 
O.L.D. frame 135mm
Chainline 45mm 
Weight 356g (170-175mm)
Made in Taiwan


O.L.D. Frame

135mm, 142mm

Crank Interface


Crankarm Length

120-125mm, 130-135mm, 140-145mm, 150-155mm, 155-160mm, 160-165mm, 165-170mm, 170-175mm

Crankarm Color

Black, Red, Blue, Green, Gold