X16V-CA-A2-4bolts-135 CRANKSET (for kidbike)

Lightweight carbo

  • Arm lengths:150-145mm|145-140mm |140-135mm |135-130mm |130-125mm |125-120mm |120-115mm
  •  Adjustable Length System (ALS reversible insert) = 5mm/ 3mm/ 1mm / 2.5mm
  • For DOUBLE Road bikes / CYCLOCROSS Road bikes/ Gravel Road bikes
  • Matt UD
  • Compatible bottom bracket BSA(30)/ BB86/ BB30/ PF30
  • 10/11/12 speed 
  • Chainring: 46-30T, 48-32T, 50-34T
  • Weight: 617g(50/34,160-165,With ALS)

2021 New Product

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Model No.:X16V-CA-A2-4bolts-135

For DOUBLE Road bikes / CYCLOCROSS Road bikes/ Gravel Road bikes

Lightweight carbon arms.

New economic version of the AEROZINE X16V carbon fiber crankshaft is made by special arrangement to complete the carbon fiber crank providing lightest, hardest, smoothest and strongest features. The hard carbon fiber crank carries outstanding strength and higher strength-to-weight ratio. We offer a variety of hard carbon fiber cranks to fit new style cycling, the available length is from 175mm to 140mm!


  • CARBON Crankset
  • Spindle: 7075 Aluminum CNC 30mm B.B. axle
  • Available arm lengths: 150-145mm|145-140mm |140-135mm |135-130mm |130-125mm |125-120mm |120-115mm  Adjustable Length System (ALS reversible insert) = 5mm/ 3mm/ 1mm / 2.5mm
  • Finish: Matt UD
  • Compatible with bottom bracket BSA(30)/ BB86/ BB30/ PF30
  • Available versions: 10/11/12 speed, Single ring: 56T to 45T; Double rings 56-42T, 55-42T, 54-42T, 53-39T, 52-36T, 50-34T, 48-32T, 46-30T.
  • Wide Direct mount.
  • Weight: 617g(52-36,160-165,With ALS)






Series Carbon ROAD Crankset
Model No. X16V-CA-A2-4bolts-135
Crank Color Matt UD
Material / machining Carbon crankarm CNC machined 7075 chainring
Bottom bracket compatible with BSA(30) BB86 BB30 PF30
Available arm lengths
150-145mm|145-140mm |140-135mm |135130mm
130-125mm |125-120mm |120-115mm
Adjustable Length System (ALS reversible insert) =5mm
Chain ring combination 11/12 speed
4 bolts asymmetric design BCD110
46-30T, 48-32T, 50-34T
Chain line 43.5mm
O.L.D. frame 135mm
Q-factor (mm) 158.8mm
Compatible Shimano, SRAM
Made in Taiwan

O.L.D. Frame


Crankarm Length

115-120mm, 120-125mm, 125-130mm, 130-135mm, 135-140mm, 140-145mm, 145-150mm

Crankarm Color

Matt UD


46-30T, 48-32T, 50-34T

Bottom Brackets

NONE, BSA(30) STEEL+USD$44, BSA(30) ZVL+USD$72, BSA(30) CERAMIC+USD$84, PF4130+USD$58, BB30/30 STEEL+USD$67.20, BB30/30 ZVL+USD$126, BB30/30 CERAMIC+USD$144, PF30/30 STEEL+USD$73.30, PF30/30 ZVL+USD$126, PF30/30 CERAMIC+USD$144


X16 X17 crankset instruction manual