Oversized pulley

Pulley 11-15T

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Oversized Pulley

Oversized Pulley Wheel Systems
AEROZINE Oversized Pulley Wheel System has been developed to answer the riders’ increasing need for improved drivetrain performance.
The Oversized optimises the overall efficiency of your drivetrain thanks to the extremely low friction of the Cramic/ normal Bearings and the unique design of the overall system.?



suitable for pulley center to cage over 32mm

˙Material 7075 Alloy

˙Size 11-15T

˙Sealed bearing                        (for SRAM & Shimano)

˙AFM pack 2 pulley

˙Pulley Color: Black / Blue / Red / Gold / Orange/ Green

˙Weight 10g (pair)


Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Orange, Green