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Road Ovality ring 1X11/ 1×12 Cyclocross

Road ring 1X11 Cyclocross

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Road Cyclocross 1×11/ 1×12
Ovality Narrw-Wide DM for 11-Speed ( 1X11/ 1×12 SRAM)

AEROZINE 1×11/12 oval chainring drivetrain solution has been embraced by riders worldwide looking for a simple, lighter and cleaner bike set-up.
Narrow-wide tooth profile eliminates chain drop with the perfect chain mesh fit.

– Fully CNC-machined
– SRAM diirect mount construction



Size 40/ 42/ 44/ 46/ 48/ 50/ 52T 4mm

Color: matt Black

˙Weight 74g (44T)

tooth count

52T, 50T, 48T, 46T, 44T, 42T, 40T