Do you know that the length of the crank can be adjusted?
The answer is yes. We can do it after placing an ALS system in the pedal hole of the crank arm → Adjust Length System (ALS reversible insert, ALS, see picture).
What is the benefit of this system for you?
It allows you to spend less time looking for cranks of different lengths, and you can even avoid getting injured by using the right length.
Because ALS can easily adjust the length of the crank, for example, if you buy an ALS, you can have a size of 170/175mm. Reverse it to convert the two sizes, and we added 171-174 and 172-173 size recently .
So, you only need to pick the type of crank you like, we will help you solve the length problem!
And now let’s talk about the effect of the length of the crank on the human body.
The crankset is the crank arm that draws a circle on chainring. The radius of chainring is the resistance of the crank arm. These resistances are what you need to overcome.

As you can imagine, turning the power generated by the stepping of the legs into the rotational force around the pedal shaft is an effective force; if the crank arm is too short, this movement will result in laborious and ineffective motion.

However, if the crank length only considers the principle of leverage”the longer the crank is, the less laborious it is”, thus ignoring the important factors of cranking in cyclic motion.

When the crank arm is lengthened by 1 cm, the knee is increased by 2 cm from top to bottom, the length of rotation of the leg is increased by 6.28 cm, and the length of rotation of the tibia is also increased by the same amount. In addition to the possible result of muscle strain, your fluency and rhythm during high-speed riding will be inhibited, which will have adverse effects on your muscles. Although the crank has a longer force distance and a longer power output, if the diameter of the pedaling circle becomes larger, it is not conducive to the high-swing stepping manner.

When the crank length is 165 mm, the rotation circumference is 1.03 m;
When the crank is 170 mm long, the circumference of rotation is 1.065 m;
When the crank length is 175 mm, the circumference of the rotation increases to 1.10 m.
The length of the crank on the market is generally available in five sizes: 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, and 175 mm. You can select the desired crank length according to the length of the leg or the ride.

In the case of general competitions, short-distance sprinting venues use shorter cranks, such as 165-170 mm, while endurance road races use longer cranks, such as 172.5-175 mm. If you do not consider the length of the leg, the climbing road is suitable for long cranks, and the road racing is suitable for short cranks.
So how do you know how to choose the length of the crank that suits you?
What topic do you want to know about the crank? Please leave a message to let us know and we will answer your questions.

Brilliant preview: We will introduce the second advantage of our cranks in the future → Way Point Axle, so stay tuned!

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